Our Services

Mile High Classics is dedicated to servicing and restoring vintage cars and trucks in the Rocky Mountain Region. We can locate and create the car of your dreams, or bring that car in your garage back to life.


Sheet Metal

Sheet metal fabrication is the process of restoring the foundation of your vehicle.  We can return your rusted, crashed, and smashed metal back to its factory engineered design, or better.

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Mechanical reconstruction of your vehicle can be performed to exact specifications or improved upon in a variety of ways.  Mile High Classics can turn back the hands of time with an original rebuild, or turn your vehicle into a powerful street machine.

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Paint Refinishing

Paint refinishing requires a tried and true system that, coupled with the right techniques, produces a durable shine. Let us give your car a luster that will put you in the limelight.  Mile High Classics, LTD also works with all insurance providers to repair your classic car to pre-accident condition. 

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Upholstery at Mile High Classics can range from authentic appearances to custom and race inspired styling with hundreds of fabrics on hand.  We are your complete restoration shop. 

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Client Testimonials

1975 Lincoln, 1964 Corvette Stingray, 1973 Mustang, 1973 Buick Riviera, 1931 Model A Roadster

"I have been working with Mile High Classics since mid-2014. The Lincoln Continental Mark IV was the first one the did for me. Turned out greatly. As they progressed with the remaining three their craftsmanship has significantly increased. The 64 Corvette was the latest one they finished and it may not be a 100 point car, but I would put it in the 90s and against any other restoration shop in the Denver area. I have four in their shop now in various stages and I cannot wait to get them out the door so I can drop off another one. Noah is easy and great to work with. He will listen to your needs and desires and then works with you to make them happen, and they do happen! If you have a classic that needs total restoration or one that just needs some "touch-up" work, I would highly recommend you stop by and talk with the before you approach any other restoration shop in the Denver area."

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