Step 1

Create a Plan

Our initial meeting is to discuss desired results and determine a budget. Topics include vehicle needs, performance modifications, safety upgrades, paint scheme, mechanical setup and upholstery specifications.

  • Set goals
  • Budget
  • Estimate
  • Schedule
Step 2

Disassemble Vehicle

Disassembly is the process of taking the car apart to test, categorize, and schedule parts to be rebuilt.  At this point, we may or may not remove the body from the frame for rotisserie restoration and/or have the body and frame media blasted.

  • Test and categorize parts
  • Sub-contract services
  • Mount body of car on rotisserie
Step 3

Body and Chassis Restoration

The amount of damaged or fatigued metal is generally not apparent until the vehicle has been dis-assembled and media blasted. Body and chassis restoration is the foundation for our paint work.

  • Frame integrity and strengthening
  • Sheet metal fabrication and replacement
  • Metal bumping
Step 4

Body Work and Paint Prep

During this phase, the engine compartment, underbody and jambs are painted. All panels are block-sanded. Body panels and exterior parts are fitted and primed to be ready for paint.

  • Test-fit panels and exterior parts
  • Block-sand panels
  • Paint engine compartment and jambs
  • Final coat of primer is applied
Step 5

Mechanical and Upholstery Assembly

We perform much of the mechanical and upholstery restoration before applying paint to the exterior of the vehicle; this allows us to build the car without putting wear and tear on the paint job that is associated with assembling a car. We test and tune the drivetrain, brakes, and suspension as well.

  • Chassis, suspension and brake system assembly
  • Complete drivetrain assembly and testing
  • Re-install body onto chassis
  • Partial upholstery assembly
Step 6

Paint completion and final assembly

Base and clear coats are applied, followed by a bake cycle in our paint booth. Color sanding is the process of sanding down the clear coat to remove imperfections in the surface of the paint, commonly known as a factory orange peel texture. Once final assembly is complete, all restorations undergo extensive testing before delivery.

  • Base coat and clear coat application
  • Color sand and polish
  • Final assembly of upholstery and exterior
  • Vehicle testing